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Here at River City Games, we have a large variety of both game tables and pool tables that are perfect for both casual players and serious game enthusiasts. We also offer a number of different board game store services to supplement our products, including professional pool table and game table installation.

Pool Table Installation

Pool tables shouldn’t be installed on your own. They are big and cumbersome and it can be difficult just to get the parts to the area in your home where you want to set the pool table up. Our professional installers are certified and have over 20 years of experience, which means that they can safely assemble your pool table wherever you want to set it up.

By using our professional installers, you'll ensure that your pool table is properly assembled and that it is done without any damage to the table's components or to anything around it. We always take extra precautions and follow a list of safety measures to ensure a safe and successful assembly.In addition to helping set up your pool table, we can also dismantle your pool table for you in case it needs to be moved, reassembling it in the location it's being moved to.

Game Table Installation

Game tables may generally be smaller than pool tables, but that doesn't mean that they are any easier to assemble. Our certified experts can help you set up any type of game table that you own, whether it's table hockey or table tennis.

Setting up a game table on your own is risky because you could do so improperly. If a game table isn't put together properly, you could cause damage to its components when you use it. Not to mention that it could end up affecting your ability to even play the game. We have an extensive knowledge about game tables and will assemble them to the manufacturer's specifications to ensure that it's set up safely and securely.

Contact us at River City Games to learn more about our game and pool table installation or to schedule an installation.