Pool Table Services

At River City Games, we have a several pool tables for all levels of players, from casual contestants to hardcore competitors and everyone in between. As pool enthusiasts ourselves, we’re proud to offer a range of pool table services to help you best care for and get the most out of your pool table.

Pool Table Installation / Assembly

Pool tables shouldn’t be installed on your own. They are big and cumbersome, and it can be difficult just to get the parts to the area in your home where you want to set the pool table up. Our professional installers are certified and have over 20 years of experience on all makes and models, which means that they can safely assemble your pool table wherever you want to set it up. We also offer a wide variety of pool tables & accessories.

Pool Table Moving & Relocation

Whether you are moving, or you have purchased a used pool table, we can disassemble your pool table at its currently location, safely move it your new location, and reassemble it. We will then relevel it, and make sure your pool table is ready to be played on it in its new home.

By using our professional installers, you'll ensure that your pool table is properly assembled and that it is done without any damage to the table's components or to anything around it. We always take extra precautions and follow a list of safety measures to ensure a safe and successful assembly.

Pool Table Repair

Our experts also offer pool table repair, including:

  • Re-rubbering – the rail rubber cushions on your pool table will wear down over time! When your ball gets less than 3 bounces in sequence, it may be time to replace the rubber.
  • Relevelling – If your pool table is moved or disturbed, it needs to be leveled to ensure a flat, smooth playing surface.
  • Replacement parts – pool table parts are specialty parts that can be difficult to find, and install!
  • Recovering - When your pool table has suffered some wear and tear, we can recloth it with 27 colours and several grades to chose from!

Contact the team at River City Games to inquire about all of pool table services. We are always happy to help!